Herbs that can be grown at home

Herbs that can be grown at home
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There are many herbs that can be grown at home even when you don't have a garden with a vegetable garden.

If you live in an apartment or house without a large lawn, but would like to grow the plants you use to flavor your dishes.

Then don't worry, you can still grow your aromatic herbs in pots and keep them indoors or outdoors.

It will be enough for you to know some characteristics of the plants you want to be able to assemble your planters and vases.

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For example, some plants need constant watering, while others prefer drier soil.

And then it will be better to put those with similar characteristics in terms of water and light requirements in the same pot.

So here are some herbs herbs that can be grown at home and their characteristics


The basil it's my tomato's best friend. Undisputed ingredient of pasta with tomato sauce, pesto and pizzas.

It can be grown in pots, preferably alone. It also likes the sun but not too much, in fact its delicate leaves can be affected.

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So it's best to put it in a place where it gets direct sunlight but not during many hours and not during the hottest hours.

And again, it must be irrigated frequently, because it prefers moist soil.


The rosemary it is a Mediterranean plant, which can be considered perennial.

In fact, even when grown in pots it resists winters and summers and can even become a shrub.

It prefers to stay in positions where it can get direct sunlight.

It is also an easy plant to cultivate because it doesn't want a lot of water, so you just need to water it every now and then.

And again, it is an excellent seasoning for meat dishes.

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Even the parsley is one of the herbs that can be grown at home. Seasons different types of dishes and goes well with almost everything.

It can be used both inside and outside the house, on the balcony.

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Parsley likes to catch the sun, and if the leaves turn yellow it is because it is lacking light.

It also needs water every day but without exaggerating because it does not tolerate standing water.

Finally, it is best to put it alone in a vase.


There sage it is known above all as a condiment for ravioli with butter and sage. But it can also be used in other dishes.

It too is a Mediterranean plant, so it loves the sun, the wind and resists even with a few weekly irrigations.

But in summer it has to be watered more frequently, otherwise the leaves will dry out.

It can also be potted with chilli, another herb that can be grown at home.

Chili pepper

The chili pepper of any species or color, it is a plant that can grow in pots, inside the house or on the balcony.

In this case the edible part is the fruit.

Fundamental to the chili pepper it's the sun, which is what makes it spicy. The more sun it gets, the spicier it will be.

And it must be wetted with a little water but frequently.

Herbs that can be grown at home

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