Herbal tea plants for stomach pain

herbal tea plants for stomach pain
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There are different herbal tea plants for stomach pain which help relieve stomach pain.

Many people resort to natural remedies to heal themselves. In fact, the use of medicinal plants is widespread and also indicated by some doctors.

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Thus, herbal teas prevent and cure diseases, especially when they are not yet at an advanced stage.

Furthermore, making an herbal tea with a medicinal plant that we may have at home is easy and pleasant.

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Regarding stomach pain, this can manifest itself in several ways: it can be acidity, bloating, gastritis or slow digestion.

So herbal teas relieve pain and treat mild symptoms.

In this site I will introduce you to some herbal tea plants for stomach pain and their effects. Read below to find out more.


There chamomile it is very effective in curing stomach pain, in the case of acidity, heartburn and even stomach cramps.

This herb protects the mucous membrane of the stomach surface, having a healing effect and calming heartburn.

Not only that, it is also an excellent muscle relaxant, which is why it helps reduce stomach cramps.

And again, the chamomile it is best known as a herbal tea for sleeping, exactly because it also has a calming effect.

So it also helps relieve stomach pain from stress.

It is recommended to drink a couple of cups of herbal tea of chamomile per day after main meals.


Also there sage it is a very popular aromatic herb especially in gastronomy but which also has medicinal effects.

In fact, it can be used above all to treat gastroesophageal reflux. There sage is a medicinal herb with spasmolytic and digestive properties.

As an herbal tea, the sage it is combined with chamomile to create a powerful ally against reflux.

There herbal tea of sage it is made by infusion, i.e. the leaves are immersed in water after it has been boiled and left for a few minutes.

Again, it is recommended to drink it after main meals.

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Between herbal tea plants for stomach pain there is also the calendula.

That plant characterized by orange flowers that can be found all over Italy.

It also has phytotherapeutic effects on the stomach. It is a medicinal herb used mainly to treat colitis, stomach spasms and ulcers.

Its action is diuretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-political.

For the preparation of the herbal tea it is recommended to use the infusion method, using the dried flowers of this plant.


Even the famous mint, which we usually use to prepare cocktails, has medicinal properties.

Between herbal tea plants for stomach pain it is the one that dedicates the most to the aspect of digestion.

In fact the mint it has digestive phytotherapeutic properties, aiding digestion after eating heavy foods. This also avoids the formation of intestinal gas.

Furthermore the mint it also helps relieve the feeling of nausea.

But beware it is not recommended to eat candy-based mint, drink it herbal tea with mint in the case of overt gastritis.