Fence plants

Fence plants
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If you seek fence plants to beautify and protect your garden, then here we will present some of them.

Indeed the fence plants they are plants that grow as they create hedges.

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And these hedges act as a natural barrier for the wind or to protect the house from prying eyes and thus give privacy to the house.

Then they exist fence plants which are evergreen, or which give flowers during the year and even some which sting.

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The latter have a great defensive function.

So let's see together which ones fence plants you can use it to protect your home.


The laurel is also called laurel, it is an evergreen fence plant.

This plant grows quickly, and can reach up to 8 meters in height. It has sturdy branches and green leaves with wavy edges.

Furthermore, the laurel is a Mediterranean plant and therefore resists well to the sun and the cold.

What's more, it is necessary to carry out several prunings during the year to ensure that it takes on the ideal shape.

So the Alloro hedge is an excellent fence plant as well as being an aromatic plant.

So you can have two things in one, a hedge and a plant to cook with.


Privet is a plant of Japanese origin, which can be used as a fence hedge.

But be careful to choose the Japanese species which is the one to create the fences.

This must be planted in the autumn so that it can grow well and quickly throughout the year.

It prefers a location where it can get plenty of sun

If you want a flower garden, then privet is ideal.

Indeed in the summer the Privet it blooms with small white and fragrant flowers. Instead in winter this plant produces black or red berries.

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Even the famous Jasmine can be used to fence your garden.

This plant is a climber so it will need a structure to grow on.

During the summer it increases its growth speed thanks to the presence of the sun, with which it is in love.

The Jasmine it is a very appreciated and widely used plant also with decorative functions, thanks to its beauty.

In fact it blooms during the summer with white and very fragrant flowers.


There Photinia it is a very common fence plant in urban areas.

In fact, this plant has a very interesting feature: it cleans the air of smog and fine dust, absorbing them.

This is why it is widely used by those who live in the city.

It is also a resistant plant that does not need special attention to grow. It can reach up to 4-5 meters in height.

When new leaves germinate they are red. This is why in spring it turns red and makes small white flowers.

While the rest of the year it is an evergreen plant.

Leylandii cypress

The Leylandii cypress differs from fence plants seen so far because it is a conifer, that is, it is characterized by needle-like leaves.

This plant is cold tolerant.

Furthermore it does not produce flowers or fruits, in fact it appears to be a thick and green hedge.