Tips for training a dog

Tips for training a dog
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If you are about to get a puppy dog, we will give you a few in this text tips for training a dog.

Deciding to get a puppy is a choice that leads to responsibilities.

In fact, an animal is not a toy and to make it fit into the family the puppy must learn to live with you.

That is, he must learn rules that meet his and your needs. For example, he will have to learn where to relieve himself.

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In fact, a dog is a pack animal.

And so for his sake it is necessary for him to learn the rules of the pack, which in this case is you, his family.

Surely training a puppy is an activity that requires time and patience and this is good to know before getting a puppy.

So in this text we have collected some tricks indicated by professionals of the trade to help you train your furry friend.

So here are ours tips for training a dog.

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Short lessons

Just like all living beings, dogs are full of life, curious and playful when they are small.

Then it is necessary to respect this phase of theirs also during the training.

It is better to give short lessons and fun, about 5 minutes, and several times throughout the day.

Without distractions

Because he is small, our puppy will have a hard time staying focused.

For this reason it is good that the training moment is carried out in a space without distractions.

This way the puppy will be able to learn better without unnecessary frustration.

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Reward him

Between tips for training a dog rewarding him is certainly the most important. Since the training is based exactly on the need for a prize.

So remember to always reward your dog with treats whenever he does something right.

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Conversely, using punishment is a cruel technique that doesn't work and can put a lot of stress on the puppy, thus producing unwanted results.

Clear commands

When you educate a dog and start teaching them to sit down or get off the couch, choose short, clear commands.

That way he'll remember them more easily. It is also good practice to use gestures as well.

In fact, dogs have a great ability to read physical communication, made up of gestures and expressions.

So use a single word to teach him to sit down and match a gesture and it will be done.


Puppies learn faster with loving words and gestures rather than screams and anger. In fact, an aggressive attitude could scare them.

So a tip for training the dog is: be affectionate with your puppy and fill him with caresses and sweet words and you will see that you will create a great relationship.

The pack leader

Being animals used to living in packs, dogs need to recognize a pack leader.

To become the pack leader it is essential that the dog creates a relationship of trust with the owner-boss.

Thus, if you follow the advice listed above and keep it consistent, the puppy will quickly learn that you are the leader of the pack.

Tips for training a dog

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