Plants to make herbal teas for headaches

plants to make herbal teas for headaches
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In our gardens there are several plants to make herbal teas for headaches with which to heal ourselves in a more natural way.

In fact nowadays due to the worrying scenario of our planet Earth, many people are returning to using more natural methods.

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To take care of yourself while respecting the earth.

For example, in our garden, among the aromatic herbs, there are many that have phytotherapeutic medicinal properties.

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Among these, some plants are indicated to treat headaches, thanks to their therapeutic action.

In this text we have collected a list of plants that can be used in herbal teas or infusions that relieve headaches.

So here's what the plants to make herbal teas for headaches and what properties they have.


There lavender with its purple flowers and scent it is perfect for fighting migraine headaches.

In fact the lavender is a cephalic plant that acts as a relaxant on the nervous system.

This herb considered a medicinal herb acts as an analgesic, anxiolytic and antihypertensive.

For this reason drink one lavender herbal tea has a healing effect for migraine and insomnia headaches.

So if you have a headache, boil some water and then infuse the flowers of lavender buckets.

Or if you have the essential oil of lavender, you can use it and put a few drops.

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Also the plant of the lemon balm is one of the plants to make herbal teas for headaches.

In fact the lemon balm is a medicinal herb with sedative and calming properties.

So if you are tired and have that tired headache, a herbal tea of lemon balm it is certainly the most suitable choice to calm the malaise.

Of the plant of lemon balm dry leaves are used to make infusions. Then put two teaspoons in a cup of boiling water.

Let it sit for a few minutes and drink it to relieve the headache.


A lesser known herb for curing headaches is hypericum. A medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

So in the case of stress or hangover headaches from the day before, it is recommended to drink an herbal tea of hypericum.

This will improve your mood and relieve the alcohol abuse typical head circle.

Also to make use of hypericum, herbal teas are made with two teaspoons of hypericum per cup.

Then make an infusion of St. John's wort and you will forget about everything you drank the day before.


Also there mint is a medicinal herb that can be used as a herbal tea for headaches.

In fact, the use of the mint to treat headaches has been known since ancient times.

In this case, the medicinal effect of the mint it acts on the muscle component that generates the headache.

In fact, this medicinal herb has analgesic and anti-neuralgic properties.

In particular the mint piperita is used for headaches, while the mint Brazilian is a pain reliever.

It takes you in infusion.