The best houseplants

The best houseplants
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The best houseplants they are the ones that manage to survive inside and keep the apartment air healthier.

So if you live in an apartment but you like plants and you are looking for which would be the most suitable plants to put in the house.

Here we will introduce you to some to choose from.

In fact, plants are not only beautiful pieces of furniture but also an irreplaceable presence for their function of purifying the air in the apartment.

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Most houseplants are easy to care for but we will explain the characteristics of each in detail so that you can choose.

Here are the best indoor plants and their characteristics.


Sanseveria exists of two species: the Trifasciata and the Cyilindrica.

The first is characterized by flat and long leaves and the second by cylindrical and long leaves that sometimes we find intertwined with each other.

They can reach a meter in height.

Both super suitable for the apartment. They are plants native to tropical areas and therefore suffer from the cold.

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They prefer a lighted room, but they also survive well in the shade.

Excellent in the bedroom, because they produce oxygen even at night.

There Sanseveria it is easy to take care of, just wet it every now and then.

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Photos is a climbing or drooping plant with heart-shaped green leaves.

If placed above the furniture or hung from the ceiling, it grows and stretches to decorate the house.

Or a rod can be placed in the pot so that she can climb on it.

Very resistant and therefore very easy to care for, it requires frequent irrigation and occasionally even a few sprinkles of water on the leaves.

But it can survive even in dry conditions, so it is also suitable for careless people.

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The Photos can be placed in the shade or in the sun, the position will only change the growth rate.

Ficus Benjamin

Ficus Benjamin is one of the best houseplants.

This plant features green leaves with white patches and can grow up to 2 meters in height.

It has a thick crown with thin branches but rich in leaves.

As it is a large plant, it is a good idea to choose a place in the house that is appropriate for its size.

For example, the hallways of the houses.

Ficus is native to tropical areas.

During the summer it is necessary to water it more frequently and also to sprinkle water on the leaves to keep it moist. While in winter it does not need a lot of water.


Dracaena is also very common among the best houseplants. There are many, which differ in the size of the leaves, colors and height of the plant.

Among the most famous is the Dracaena Marginata which grows in height with different foliage with long leaves streaked with purple and green colors.

The other best known is the Dracaena of Madagascar which does not grow in height but in width, with long leaves streaked with white, from which small white flowers appear every now and then.

Like the other plants described, both prefer poorly lit places and more abundant watering during the summer.