Plants to furnish the office

Plants to furnish the office
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The plants to furnish the office they not only beautify the working environment but also have benefits on the mood of those who work there.

Having plants in the office is said to help reduce stress and improve mood.

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In addition to leaving the environment more beautiful and more welcoming.

So today we will tell you about some plants that you can choose for your office.

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And also the characteristics that you will have to consider to choose the most suitable one based on the size and maintenance required.

There will then be plants to put on the ground, others for desks and some for shelves.

Here are some plants to furnish the office.


The bamboo is an exotic plant of Japanese origin. It is an evergreen plant characterized by long stems and elongated light or dark green leaves.

Definitely if you choose the bamboo you will have to consider that it is a plant that can become very tall, up to 4 meters in height.

And therefore it will have to be placed in a room suitable for its growth.

They also adapt easily to the presence or not of sunlight, but need regular irrigation.

It is also used to create room dividers.

Tronchetto of happiness

The Tronchetto of happiness is an office plant that keeps the air healthy while producing a lot of oxygen.

It is also a tropical plant and is characterized by a sturdy stem and elongated leaves of different shades of green.

Depending on the size of the plant you buy, you can put it on your desk or on the ground.

In addition, the log does not like the direct sunlight. But it is also very resistant to long dry periods.

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Aromatic herbs can also be an excellent plant for decorating the office, thanks to their aromatherapy function.

Among them the lemon balm it is certainly the most suitable in fact thanks to its delicate scent it helps us to relax and improve our mood.

The plant of the lemon balm is an evergreen plant that blooms in spring and summer, making pale pink and white flowers.

It's a small plant so you can put it on your desk in a shady location.

As for water, this plant needs an irrigation to keep the soil moist especially in summer.

Philodendron Scadens

This is a climbing plant with dark green heart-shaped leaves with light green streaks.

The philodendron Scadens can be placed on top of a cabinet away from direct sunlight.

Thanks to the climbing nature, its branches can be arranged in various positions by hanging them and letting them fall.

To take care of it just keep it wet all the time, so it grows very quickly.

It also cleans the ambient air of carbon dioxide.


Lastly, the beautiful Orchid, which is the most elegant and sought after flower due to its unique shape and colors.

Having the orchid on your desk certainly has its charm, but remember that it doesn't like to change positions, so once you've chosen a place, leave it there.

It must be placed in a bright place but not in direct light.

In addition, the pot must be transparent because depending on the color of the roots you will understand if it has need water.

Plants to furnish the office

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