Types of dog food

Types of dog food
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There are several types of dog food: from dry to wet, as well as home nutrition.

If you are thinking of getting a dog and are beginning to inquire about what kind of food you will need to give him, then here we will talk about just that.

The specific diet of each dog depends on the characteristics of the breed, as well as on the size and daily physical activity.

But today we are going to talk about the types of foods you can give your dog, so that you can choose the one you think is most appropriate.

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Always remember to confirm your diet choice with your veterinarian.

Below we will talk about the types of dog food and their main characteristics.

Dry feed

The dry feed, or croquettes, are certainly the cheapest alternative.

In fact, it is possible to alternate dry and wet food.

Some people believe that the dry feed is better than wet because it helps in removing tartar from the teeth.

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But in reality, dogs very often don't chew dry food too much.

So let's see the composition and how to choose the best one. The dog is originally a carnivorous animal but living with humans has become omnivorous.

So a good one dry feed it must have mainly proteins. 40 to 50% of protein per meal. And the rest must contain carbohydrates and fruit or vegetables.

If it contains grains, rice is the best option.

The fruit or vegetable must make up about 10% of the composition.

It must also contain Omega 3 and 6, vitamins of group E, calcium and phosphorus.

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Wet food

The wet food, or cans, is a type of dog food much more appreciated by our furry friends. But it is also more expensive.

The ideal would be to give him one every now and then, just for special occasions.

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The cans must contain more water, about ¾ of the total. And the composition must follow the same percentages as for dry feed.

Finally for older dogs move on to a wet diet it may be better for their teeth.

Homemade nutrition

Some people prefer to cook their own food for their dogs instead of using industrialized food.

Also in this case it is necessary to respect the proportions and choose the most suitable food.

The main ingredient must be meat, about 50% of the meal. It should be steamed or cooked in a pan. Absolutely without oil or salt.

Along with meat there may be bones, preferably beef, and muscles.

The rest must be rice, not overcooked, and vegetables (about 10%). The most used are carrots. Furthermore we can also give raw eggs to our dogs.

There is a diet called BARF (in Italian: Biologically appropriate raw food), which is based on the idea of feeding the dog according to its original diet.

This diet consists of giving only raw food: bones, meat, etc. But you need to be well informed before proceeding with this type of dog food.

Snack biscuits

Also cookies that are given as a snack are important in a dog's diet. Especially for cleaning dental tartar.

Types of dog food

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