Plant tips for decorating your home

plants to decorate your home
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On this site we will give you some plant tips for decorating your home based on your favorite shape, size and position

By now many people are becoming aware of the theme of nature and so they try to return to live in contact with it.

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For this reason they choose to furnish their home with several plants.

So today we will give you some tips on the plants that you can choose to decorate your home.

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But always remember to choose the plant considering your gardening skills, the size of the plant and the location it prefers.

Here are some plant tips for decorating your home and the characteristics to pay attention to when choosing.


If you are looking for a plant that adds a tropical touch to your home, then the banana tree would be perfect.

In fact the drawing of the leaf of banana it is widely used to create wallpaper with a tropical style.

Banana is an exotic plant that doesn't need many attentions.

In fact, if you forget to wet it for a while it will not be a problem, just water it every now and then.

Also consider that the banana it is a tall plant with few but large leaves.

Plus he prefers a location where he can get sunlight.

So for example it would be better to put it in the living room or bedroom near a window.

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There Calathea it is a plant that makes a lot of scene thanks to its colors.

There are different species, but all characterized by leaves of a unique beauty thanks to their colors.

In fact, we find it in spots or streaked and with details of different shades of green but also purple and white.

The most common has green leaves on one side and purple / brown on the other.

For this they are considered scenographic plants.

They are native to South America and therefore prefer a humid climate and good lighting so as not to lose the luster of their leaves.

Therefore they need a certain attention in irrigation, in fact it is necessary to avoid leaving it dry for a long time.

Palm Kentia

Another large and elegant plant is the Kentia, a very popular type of palm, surely you have already seen it in shops or restaurants.

Thanks to its tapered shapes and soft falling leaves, it is a very elegant plant.

Can be irrigated only when it has dry soil and resists shade even if it prefers the sun.

It is also a long-lived plant that lasts a long time.


The famous Peace Lily, lo Spathiphyllum it is the only plant listed here that flowers periodically.

The lily has large, dark green leaves and its flower is white, large and tapering and is born every spring.

In addition to the Lily likes shade and needs to be watered regularly to keep it moist.

And again, it purifies the air of the environment where it is placed.

Fat plants

Finally, the plants fat, very easy to cure among the plants to decorate the house.

Being small you can create pots with different arrangements of cacti of different species.

Or you can decorate furniture and shelves with colorful pots and different types of cacti.