Applications to simulate tattoos

Applications to simulate tattoos
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The applications to simulate tattoos they allow you to see the tattoo on yourself before making it.

We know that tattoos are beautiful decorations on the skin that once done will never go away.

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So it's understandable to have moments of insecurity before doing it.

For this there are applications to try the tattoo on oneself. These applications will help you choose which tattoo to do.

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But also to decide the size and position of the tattoo.

So you will arrive at the day of the tattoo without any doubt.

Furthermore, these applications are useful both for those who want to get a tattoo, but also for the tattoo artist who wants to show the result of their work to the client.

Then read on to find out which ones applications to simulate tattoos you can use.


This application is one of the most popular for trying on skin tattoos.

After downloading it you will be able to choose the tattoo from a collection present in the application itself.
But you can also draw it yourself. Or if you have drawn the tattoo on a sheet of paper you can take a picture and use it.

So after choosing the tattoo you want to try, select a photo of yourself from the gallery or take it right now.

So you can see how the tattoo fits you. You can also adjust the size, orientation and position on the skin. As well as changing the transparency.

Once you have achieved the desired result, you can share it on social media and know what your friends think.

This application INKHUNTER is available for Android And Apple.

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Tatoo Maker

This application to simulate tattoos works similar to the previous application. And it is suitable for both men and women.

Plus it has a very large collection of tattoos of different styles.

For example you can choose between tattoos of flowers, animals, tribal, black wood or New Skull style or Thai style. There are also couple tattoos.

After choosing the tattoo and putting it on the skin, you can change the color and add the shadow effect. Or you can insert writings with different fonts and align them with other tattoos.

Finally, you can send your tattoo photo to friends and family or simply download it to have it in your photo gallery.

This application Tatoo Maker is available for Android.

Tattoo my photo

Another great one application to simulate tattoos is Tattoo my photo of Apple.

Easy to use and with multiple features.

Then take a picture of the part of the body you want to tattoo and open the application.

Then insert the photo and choose between drawing a tattoo manually or choosing it from the collection of the application.

Among the tattoo styles are: animals, birds, dragons, flowers and geometric designs.

Also there is a section called 'Tatoo Ideas' which displays different tattoos on photos of people, which you can use as inspiration.

For example to choose the style and position of the tattoo.

Once you have created the tattoo photo you can share it with your friends or with your tattoo artist to show him the idea you want him to put into practice.

This application is available for Apple.