Remote control applications

remote control applications
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The remote control applications replace your remote allowing you to remotely control your TV and your electronic devices.

If you often lose the remote control for the room.

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Or if you just bought a new tv and are looking for a remote that matches the new tv.

Or you have several electronic devices with different remotes and are looking for a remote that works for all your devices.

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Then the right solution for you are remote control applications.

With these applications you will no longer need to have different remote controls for your home because they are able to pair with different devices.

We have chosen some applications to present to you that are able to combine with TVs or devices of different brands.

Android Tv remote control

As the name implies, this application works with Android devices.

To connect to your device you will need to be connected to the same Wifi network as the device you want to control.

So with theremote control application you can type the number of the channel you want to watch.

And also increase or decrease the volume and move with the arrows from one channel to another.

Also within the application there are already your Smart TV applications, for example Netflix or Prime. So you can open them directly from your mobile.

Not only that, you can also use voice commands to turn on the TV.

Finally, the application also has a gamepad screen to be able to use the mobile phone to play video games on the TV.

This application Android Tv remote control is available for Android And Apple.

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Universal tv smart control

This remote control application it works with Smart TVs of different brands.

This application Universal tv smart control is available for mobile Android And Apple.

Among some supported brands are: Samsung, Lg, Roku, Philips, Sony, Panasonic and many others that you find listed on the application site.

In this case, the connection between the TV and the mobile phone application can take place via Wifi or Infrared, depending on whether your mobile phone has infrared.

In addition, with this application you can also remotely control other smart devices, such as stereo or camera.

In fact, to connect you will have to open the application, then choose the type of device to connect, and finally choose the brand and click on remote control.

The remote control screen is simple and intuitive to use.

With numbers and arrows to choose the channel, go to the next song or increase and decrease the volume and also turn the device off and on.


Lastly, the Sure application that works as a remote control for TVs and appliances.

In fact, with this application you can also control the CD or DVD player, your air conditioning system, the LED lights and the decoder, for example.

The connection also takes place in this case via InfraRossi for latest generation mobile phones or via Wifi.

Sure also has the ability to use voice commands for remote control.

It also presents a novelty: with Sure you can send photos and videos from your mobile phone to your Smart TV to be able to see them directly on the TV screen.

This remote control app Sure is available for Android.