Applications to create stickers

Applications to create stickers
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The applications to create stickers allow you to make your own custom stickers from your photos.

If you also use a lot of stickers when you talk to your friends on chats, like Whatsapp, and you would like to create some yourself. Then these apps are what you are looking for.

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With the applications to make stickers you can create stickers by cutting out your photos and also by inserting writings for example.

You can make stickers of yourself or your friends or relatives and even animals.

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In fact, stickers are images that sometimes tell us a lot about the tone of the conversation, our mood and our personality.

Here are 4 sticker making apps that you can download to have fun and surprise your friends with artistic stickers.

Sticker maker

With this application you can create collections with self-made stickers to share with friends.

To use it you will need to take or choose photos from your library.

Then you can create a collection with up to 30 stickers.

Then you can edit the photos by cutting them with your fingers. And again you will be able to insert sentences and choose the color of the outline line.

Once the collection is ready you can share it with friends and relatives on whatsapp or imessage and start having fun.

This application Sticker maker is available for Android And Apple.

This application offers a large variety of stickers to download to your mobile as well as the ability to create your own custom stickers.

In fact, when you open the application it will show you a huge collection of millions of stickers, of which you can choose as many as you want.

This way you can increase your sticker variety.

Applications to turn photos into drawings 


You can also create your own custom stickers by using your finger to cut photos and inserting colorful phrases or details, such as hearts or stars.

With you can share your stickers on whatsapp and telegram.

This application is available for Android And Apple.


This application is intended for iPhone mobile phones only and offers several features to create stickers.

As with other applications, you will have to choose the photos to edit to turn into stickers.

Then you can cut them out with your fingers or using a particular shape.

Plus, add ornamental details, such as sunglasses or colorful flowers.

And again you can insert writings with different fonts and colors. For example you can add words as if they were a cartoon.

This application Stickery is available for Apple.

Finally choose the border color of the sticker and then finally share it in your chats.


This is also a great application for making your own stickers.

In fact it has several functions that will allow you to put your imagination into practice and create your own art.

To turn the photos into stickers you can use your finger and a magnifying glass to help you.

You will also have different text fonts available to add your writings.

And again you can insert emojis and the same stickers created by you, so that you can combine more than one photo.

This application Wemoji is available for Android.