Applications to clone people in photos

Applications to clone people in photos
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The applications to clone people in photos they are used to create photos with duplicate people in the same photo.

With these applications you can take photos and duplicate yourself or friends in the same photo and thus create fun artistic compositions.

Publicidade - OTZAds

To do this you will simply have to take a photo of yourself and use the application functions to duplicate or triple the people in the image taken.

Or use predefined backgrounds where you can place your photo of yourself in different positions.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Here are 4 applications to clone people in photos.

Multi Photo Camera

This application is easy and intuitive with detailed instructions on how to create your own photos with clones.

This application Multi Photo Camera is available for Android.

In this case the application provides a series of backgrounds where you can insert shots of people in different positions.

Then you will have to choose the background and then the photo from where the profile of the person in the photo is cloned.

Then you can choose to apply different artistic effects.

For example, you can duplicate or triple the person or mirror the clone. Then you can put the clone in different positions in the background.

Split Camera

With this application you can create photos with clones in different poses.

How to use Split Camera? Is simple. Open the application and take the first photo. Then change poses and take another photo.

So you will have to manually correct the imperfections, mainly aligning the two photos taken well.

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In addition you will have a filter to optimize the quality of the photo and you can also change the lighting and color of your creation.

Finally you can send the photo with different clones of yourself and entertain your friends.

This app to clone people in photos is available for Android.

Clone Yourself

This application is exclusive to iPhone phones and must be purchased at a low cost.

With Clone Yourself you will be able to create photos and videos with duplicated people in different poses.

To do this, you will first have to take photos or choose them from your collection.

Then you will have to place them manually and modify the final result with different effects.

For example you can change the color of the photo and the position from vertical to horizontal. Plus you can insert stickers.

Finally, you can share your personalized art with friends on Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook.

This application is available for Apple.

DMD Clone 

With this application from Apple it will be very easy to create your photos with cloned people.

In fact, you just need to take several photos without having to later apply effects to improve the result.

And you can create images with up to 7 clones of yourself.

To do this, just choose a place and then take several photos by changing positions and poses.

To make it easier, you can use the timer for the self-timer.

Also remember to choose a fixed background, with no other people moving. Keep your mobile as still as possible and take at least 3 photos.

If you want to delete any of your clones just click on the unwanted clone and it will disappear.

This application DMD Clone is available for mobile Apple.