4 applications to create avatars

applications to create avatars
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The applications to create avatars create your virtual cartoon version clone.

In fact, avatars are clones of yourself in emoji or cartoon form.

They are a lot of fun because they can be used as a profile picture or can be sent in chats as custom stickers.

So with these applications you can create an avatar of yourself by choosing a look according to your tastes.

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You will be able to choose the hairstyle and what clothes your avatar wears.

And so create stickers with your avatar with different facial expressions to share with your friends.

Below, we will show you 4 applications to create avatars.

1- Bitmoji

With Bitmoji you can create cartoon-style avatars of yourself.

Just take a selfie and the application will create an avatar based on the shapes of your face. Once you have created the avatar edit it as you want.

So if you want to change your haircut or mouth shape, you can do it. And finally you can dress it according to your style.

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Once you have your avatar ready, with Bitmoji application you can create custom stickers of your avatar. You can insert comics or create situations by making stickers with multiple characters.

In short, you can create a gallery of stickers that reflect you to share on your chats.  

If you have Snapchat, you can use it in conjunction with Bitmoji to create your avatar.

This applications to create avatars is available for Android.

2- Memoji

With this application you can create your avatar in emoji format with your iPhone mobile phone.

In this case you will not have to take a selfie but only choose between 3 types of faces.

And then you can start creating the avatar by inserting hair, eyes, nose, eyebrows etc.

After that you can choose what clothes to wear.

Memoji is available for Apple.

Finally, when your avatar is ready, the application will automatically create a series of stickers to use in your chats.

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3- Avatoon

Also Avatoon allows you to create avatars in a simple and fun way.

In fact, the avatar will be created through facial recognition with photos.

So you just need to take selfies with different expressions and poses that this application will create a virtual character of yourself.

Again, you can dress him up and arrange the haircut to your liking. And also choose a background for your stickers.

Avatoon is available for Android And Apple.

Finally you can create stickers with phrases and decorations as you want, to send in your chats.

4- Avatar Maker

Finally, this application has the particularity of creating Japanese cartoon style avatars.

It works like the others, without the need to take a picture of yourself.

Just enter the application and start creating. Then you will have to choose the shape of the head, eyes and mouth that your avatar must have.

You can also put on him masks, crowns, hats and even make up like a princess or a warrior from Japanese cartoons.

If you are a fan of manga cartoons this application is for you.

Avatar Maker is available for Android And Apple.