Applications to turn photos into drawings 

Applications to turn photos into drawings 
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The applications to turn photos into drawings allow you to create beautiful designs from your photos.

So if you are interested in enriching your social profile with artistic drawings or you simply like to create arts.

Or have you always wanted a pencil portrait of yourself and you have decided that it is time to do it yourself.

Then these applications are what you need to put your artistic qualities into practice.

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In fact, these applications use filters to transform your photos from simple pencil sketches to fantastic paintings in the style of great famous painters.

So you can unleash your creativity and create different designs from the photos you took.

So here are the best ones applications to turn photos into drawings.

1- Sketch me! - Sketch & Cartoon

This application turns your photo into a sketch.

In fact, once you have taken the photo you can choose between different filters to transform it into a drawing.

For example, your photo can become a pencil, pastel or brushstroke sketch.

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You can also choose if you prefer it in black and white or in color. And again you can adjust the brightness and contrast.

In short, you have several options to create a custom sketch of your photo.

So when it's ready, you can share your art on Facebook or Instagram.

Sketch me is available for Android.

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2- My sketch - Sketch Draw

This application is similar to the previous application but is for Apple cellphone owners.

Also with this application to turn photos into drawings you can create fantastic pencil portraits.

So you just have to choose the photo you want to edit and you can have fun making it into a sketch.

Indeed My sketch gives you 20 different filters to try on your photos in order to create your own pencil sketch.

Also with this application you can save your drawings in high resolution and so you can print them.

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Or simply share them on your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

My sketch is available for Apple.

3- Prisma Photo Editor

This application is the most complete, because it is an application dedicated to photo editing. That is dedicated to editing photos with effects not only to turn it into a drawing.

Indeed Prisma Photo Editor has more than 500 filters to edit your photo. Some are free while to use the blocked ones you will have to sign up and pay a monthly plan.

But among the free filters there are many interesting drawing options.

You can choose from a simple pencil sketch, a painted effect, an oil on canvas effect, up to more modern drawing techniques.

So after choosing the photo and importing it into the application, your artistic creation process will begin.

You can choose the filter and also whether to apply it to the whole photo or only to the background or only to the person in the foreground.

You can also change the background of your photos thanks to different background options.

And finally you can also apply a frame.

In addition, the application offers a new effect every day to try.

Prisma Photo Editor is available for Android And Apple.