Mobile phone tracking applications

Mobile phone tracking applications
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The mobile phone tracking applications they help you find the mobile phone you are looking for by informing you of its position in real time.

In fact, if you have lost your mobile phone or if you need to track the whereabouts of a loved one, these applications are for you.

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With these applications you will be able to know where the device you have lost or the person you are looking for is.

And they do this by simply telling you the exact location on the map of where it is.

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So here are which ones mobile phone tracking applications you can download to your phone.

1- Find my device

This application is used to find your Android phone.

In fact, to use it, you need to log in with your account data and locate the location of your device on the map via GPS.

Then you can choose to make your mobile ring and find it thanks to the sound it emits. For example in case you lost it at home.

Or you can choose whether to block it or reset it so that no one who finds it can use it and enter your accounts.

In addition, the application also shows the status of the battery and internet connection of your mobile phone in the position where it is located.

Find my device is available for Android.

2- Find my iPhone

Similar to the previous application, this mobile tracking application is made for Apple devices.

Also in this case to find your iPhone you will have to enter your account data.

And then you can choose whether to make it ring or block it or even delete all your data and applications.

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In addition there is also the lost mode which will make a message appear on the screen of your mobile.

So whoever finds it will know that you have lost it and can deliver it to you by contacting you at the phone number you sent in the message.

Find my iPhone is available for Apple.

3- Life360

This application has multiple functions. In fact, it was created to track down friends and relatives.

So if you are looking for an application to keep in touch and always know the location of your children or colleagues, this application is for you.

In fact with Life360 you can create groups of people to share your location with and exchange messages with. For example you can create the family or friends group.

Or if you are going to travel with a large group of people this application can help you.

You will be able to create the travel group and cancel it after returning.

Of course, the guests of the group will be able to decide whether to share their position or not.

Like the others, the application informs the exact location of the person or device you are looking for.

But not only that, it accompanies the person throughout the journey by informing the speed or if there has been a sudden braking.

It also sends notifications to notify you when the person you are tracking has arrived at their destination.

So an excellent application to make sure your children are comfortable outside the home.

And again if you choose the version Life360 Premium you will have access to roadside assistance in the event of an accident or malfunction of your car.

This mobile phone tracking applications is available for Android And Apple.