Applications for watching movies on mobile

Applications for watching movies on mobile
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Mobile movie watching apps contain a wide range of movies and series that you can watch for free from your mobile.

In fact, if you are looking for a way to be able to watch movies and series for free with these applications, you will have access to different titles.

Furthermore, these applications are helpful when you have to go on long journeys and you need to watch something to relax on your mobile.

Here are the applications to watch movies on your mobile that we recommend.

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This application is one of the most used by movie fans and contains a large collection of movies and series.

To use VVVVID you just have to download and register. Registration is free and fast.

So you can finally use the application to watch movies and series simply by selecting the movie you are interested in. You can choose based on genre or based on other people's reviews.

In fact this application has a very large community of people with a passion for cinema who exchange views on films.

So every time you watch a movie you can also leave your comment and share it with other people who use it.

In addition, this application offers many films in Italian, entire TV series from all over the world and even Japanese anime.

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In addition, there is a section called Sala which provides the most recent films that are passing through the cinema.

VVVVID application to watch movies on mobile is available for Android and Apple.

2- Tv tubes

If you are looking for an application to watch not only movies but also TV shows, Tv tubes is for you.

This application is also completely free. But this is thanks to the fact that it contains several advertisements.

So after downloading the application, you will simply have to open it and browse its contents. Indeed Tv tubes offers films and series from around 40 different genres, including comedy, horror, the great classics and even children's films.

As well as reality shows, programs and soap operas that go to TV.

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It also contains many Korean films and many English series and especially the section dedicated to films and series that are not on Netflix.

And again for films and series that are not in Italian you will have subtitles available.

Finally, with this application you also have the possibility to synchronize your mobile phone with your TV and watch what you choose on the big screen.

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Tv tubes It is available for Android and Apple.

3- Plex

Plex to watch movies on your mobile allows access to many different multimedia contents.

In fact, not only does it have movies, TV series and documentaries to watch for free but also offers TV channels, music and podcasts to listen to.

So to use this application you will have to download and register at a low cost.

After that you will be able to access all the contents of Plex.

For example, you can see Euronews news, children's films and anime, or watch sports programs.

You can also organize your preferences and watch movies even offline.

The applications for watching movies on your mobile phone that we recommend

Plex It is available for Android and Apple.

VVVVID Android And Apple

Tv tubes Android And Apple.

Plex Android And Apple