Applications to recognize plants

applications to recognize plants
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The applications to recognize plants help you identify the plant species.

If you are a nature lover and like to identify the plants you see.

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Or you want to fill your house with plants and need to know species and details.

Then it's time to know that there are applications for this.

Publicidade - OTZAds

You simply have to take a picture of the plant you encountered and the application will tell you what kind of plant you have in front of it.

So here is 3 applications to recognize plants.

1- PlantNet

This application was created by a group of scientists and has a large collection of species.

To use it, you must first take the photo of the plant whose name you are interested in knowing.

Then open the application and at the top you will see which collection you are using, for example world flora.

Then upload the photo to the application and choose what kind of plant element you photographed.

That is, you have to choose between leaf, fruit, flower, bark or whole plant.

So the application will tell you the scientific name of your plant.

Remember to photograph with a background without much detail to facilitate recognition.

You can also choose to change the species collection with flora from Western Europe, for example.

In addition, you can also contribute to enrich the collection of plants of the application, recording your photos and the place where they were taken.

An easy and complete application to recognize plants.

PlantNet is available for Android And Apple.

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2- Seek

This application is ideal for a walk surrounded by nature with the family.

Also Seek is an application developed by a group of scientists.

So if you decide to go for a walk with your children, download the application and enter your location. At this point, the application will already suggest you what kind of flora you will encounter.

So it will become a game to identify the plants that the application shows you.

Plus, it makes recognizing plants and insects even more fun with challenges and goals to achieve.

In fact, it not only recognizes plants but also insects and amphibians.

So it is a free application that always works with the help of the mobile phone camera.

Once the photo has been taken and the plant identified, this application gives a lot of useful information about the species.

Seek applications to recognize plants is available for Android And Apple.

3- Picture this

This application has two functions: recognize plants and act as a guide for gardening.

In fact, it is a really good solution if you have plants and a vegetable garden to take care of.

But it is not free, you will have to pay a small amount to have access to all the information.

Then you will have to take the photo and upload it to the application, this will tell you what species it is and what characteristics it has. For example if it is a poisonous species.

Then you can save it in your private collection and insert notes or comments on the plant.

Instead, for the care of house plants, just insert the photo of your diseased plant and the application will tell you what it is.

And also how to make it heal.

Picture this applications to recognize plants is available for Android And Apple.