DJ app

DJ app
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Many people dream of becoming a DJ someday, how about being a DJ through the DJ app?

Obviously it is not the same, of course not, but it is much cheaper. DJing equipment is very expensive today.

Out of reality for many people, if that weren't enough, they need to learn how to use the equipment. With so many buttons it can't be easy.

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However, with the DJ app you can become a DJ only with your mobile device.

That's right, through your mobile you can be the DJ of your party, make a difference when you get friends together.

Enjoy your creativity, with the app you can remix songs, creating something new, with your identity.

Best of all, it's simple, find out more about the DJ apps we've selected, pick one, become the best DJ you can be.

Edjing Mix

In principle, a 'DJ app must be thought of using the life of a real DJ as inspiration.

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And that's exactly how this app was created, with the help of professional DJs, so it brings you closer to reality.

edjung Mix gives you access to millions of songs via SoundCloud, leaving you with an inexhaustible source of music.

So, let your inspiration flow to do something new, completely unique, with your inspiration.

There are more than 20 possible effects, with a very simple interface, which makes new users extremely comfortable in using the app.

Upload the two previously chosen songs and enjoy doing what you love most, music. Another highlight goes to the sound quality of the app, install it on your device.

DJ Estúdio 5

At first, this is a great one DJ application, being free for devices with Android system.

You will also have in-app purchase options, however you will be able to use the app without having to pay anything for it.

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This way, in the DJ Studio 5 App, the user will have access to all essential tools without having to pay.

However, there are still some features that only paying users will have access to. But you can have your party without paying anything.

Despite being a free app, the user will not see advertisements, this is great news.

Finally, the user will find the loops based only on the existing rhythms in the app and the ease of use in two modes. Both in landscape and portrait mode.

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Cross DJ

This is an app created by the pioneers in the field of DJ app. So, it brings good experience, about 15 years in the market.

Many professional DJs recognize that Cross DJ is a good job, which brings confidence to the users.

This is an application that can accurately detect BPM, great for mixing music.

Also boasting incredible syncing capability, the app is perfect for making your party awesome.

However, this is an app for those who already have an idea of what they are doing, the features are great, but it requires experience.

Install the app on your device, take advantage of the opportunity, become a DJ through your mobile.