Application for watching TV

Application for watching TV
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There are several themes accessible in the app store of yours smartphone, one of the leaders in access is a application for watching TV.

Having your favorite show, in the palm of your hand, and being able to access it whenever you want seems to be a good option these days.

As a result, a huge number is displayed of apps to watch TV, which sometimes leave users wondering which app to access.

With that, stay tuned in the next few paragraphs to know what the app to watch TV more accessible.

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There is no doubt that the best app to watch TV to access are the official ones.

Based on this principle, we recommend the RAY PLAY application.

Undoubtedly one of the best options available on the market today. In it we can have access to all Ray brand channels.

In addition, a wide range of preloaded content such as documentaries, movies, TV series, children's content, etc.

You are already wondering if all of this content is paid for, right? And the answer is yes.

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However, an application to watch Ray Play TV it only requires its users to register to access.

However, if the user chooses not to access the platform, he will not be able to enjoy everything that the application offers.

By creating the Login for access, the user can enjoy previews of their favorite programs 7 days after broadcasting.

Finally, theapplication for watching TV, Ray Play, is available for Google Play, IOS and SmartTv.

In addition to support for the Chromecast app.


Mediaset Infinity is the official Mediaset app for its open channels.

Channel 5, Italy 1, Italy 2, Network 5, are some examples of channels that can be accessed in app, as well as movies and series.

The application to see Mediaset Infinity TV however, it allows you to have free access, through a login, which can be done via Facebook.

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A paid version of the app is also available, where the user has access to games, movies and series TV UEFA Champions League premium.

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However, the paid app has an additional cost of € 7.99 per month.

Quarterly and annual packages can be found at third-party stores, usually for a discount that's worth the purchase.

In the end, the Mediaset Infinity app is available for Android And IOS.


Finally, we have the application to watch TV NOW, where we can access the contents Sky available.

In addition, we have a wide range of films and series available, which can be renewed over time.

However, there is no free content in the app, they all require a subscription fee, there are two types:

Entertainment + cinema for € 9.99 per month

Dedicated to € 14.99. In it we can access the channels Sky Cinema 1, Sky Cinema Hits, Sky Cinema Family and many others.

In addition, we can have access to sports such as football, formula 1, MotoGP, including major sporting events in the world.

Finally, the app is available for Android And IOS.


We hope that with these tips you can make the most of yours smartphone with the best experience possible.

Application for watching TV

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