Music applications

Music applications
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The music applications they allow you to listen to the music you want, wherever and whenever you want, from your mobile.

Music is a great company for any time.

To help us concentrate during work, to relax in the evening, to dance with friends, to give you an extra charge when you train.

In short, music makes our life happy, and sometimes it helps us not to think too much.

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If you would like to have an application on your phone to listen to the music you want and when you want, today there are several.

These applications sometimes need Wifi to work and sometimes they don't.

Here are some music applications, to listen to your music whenever you want.


Spotify is an application now known by all, it can be said. With around one billion downloads it is one of the most downloaded at the moment.

To use Spotify you will simply have to download the application and register, perhaps using your Facebook account.

Spotify has a very large catalog of music, with different genres and artists from all over the world.

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On this application you can find ready-made playlists, for example of the hits of the summer. But also create your own playlists.

To create your playlist, simply search for the music you want to add and choose the playlist name.

Not only that, come on Spotify you can find your friends and listen to their playlists. Or make a playlist to share with the whole family.

You can also choose to pay for the Premium subscription, which will allow you to choose the order of the music you want to listen to, to skip commercials.

And above all to download music to listen to even when you are offline.

Spotify is available for Android And Apple.

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YouTube is the most popular music application with 10 billion downloads. It is usually used to watch videos of any kind, even musical ones.

So if you feel like listening to music, enter the application and write the full title.

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If you don't know the full title but only a few words there is no problem, YouTube can offer you various options, including probably the one you are looking for.

Here too, you can save the music you like most and create playlists.

Or you can subscribe to specific channels so that announcements of new music content come to you.

And again you can choose a playlist of YouTube and choose to follow the playlist order or random order.

This application is available for Android And Apple.

Finally, with this application you can find music from all over the world and from all languages of the world.

Sound Cloud

In the end Sound Cloud is the newest but already very popular music application on all of us' phones.

Sound Cloud is a music platform that contains music from different genres, such as hip-hop, jazz, electronic, and more than 30 million artists.

In this application you can choose playlists by typing the name of the artist or the name of the genre you would like to listen to.

And above all you find many playlists created by famous or emerging DJs.

You can also upload your own song yourself.

Sound Cloud is available for Android And Apple.

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