Applications for watching soap operas

Applications for watching soap operas
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The applications for watching soap operas allow you to follow your favorite soap opera from your mobile.

If you are passionate about soap operas and do not want to miss a single episode then these applications are what you are looking for.

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We all know that the passion for soap operas is not a small one, in the end we see the same people every day of the week.

We live their dramas, we feel their happiness. In the end it's as if we get attached as well.

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So with these applications you can watch your favorite soap operas from wherever and whenever you want directly from your mobile.

Here then we will show you some applications for watching soap operas from your mobile.


Most of the Italian soap operas pass on Rai channels, for this reason we suggest the application of RaiPlay

To use RaiPlay you must register by creating a new account or using your Google or Facebook account.

RaiPlay has a very rich catalog of film series and soap operas to choose from.

Then enter the application and click On Demand to choose what you want to watch based on genre or type or enter the title.

Or there is the TV Channels section where you can see what is going on live on Rai channels.

So you can watch your favorite soap opera live on TV channels or see it again on On Demand.

Furthermore, if you have a smart TV, you can associate the application with your TV and watch your soap opera directly on the big screen.

RaiPlay is available for mobile Android And Apple.

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Mediaset Infinity

Mediaset Infinity is the Mediaset application with which you can watch series, films and everything that passes on the Mediaset and Infinity + channels.

So with this application you can watch the Mediaset soap operas.

In fact, the famous soap Beautiful passes on channel 5, but also Cento showcases for example.

You can also choose from the Infinity + catalog, including series, fiction and soap opera.

Then download the application and create your account, with email and password.

Then log in and search for your favorite soap opera using its title, or genre.

But not only that, browse its contents and you will also find other Mediaset shows, such as Le iene for example.

So you can watch the episodes live or recorded.

Mediaset Infinity is available for mobile Android And Apple.


This application is one of the best known among movie fans but it also contains a large amount of series and soap operas.

To use VVVVID you just have to download and register. Registration is free and fast.

So just enter the application to watch your favorite soap opera. You will be able to browse by genre or other people's reviews.

This soap opera application offers a lot of international content as well.

So you can choose to watch US or even Japanese soap operas.

And not only is all the content updated weekly, so you are always on par.

VVVVID application to watch soap operas is available for Android And Apple.

Applications for watching soap operas

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