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For people who like to walk in the woods, thecompass app it will be very useful.

With a poor internet signal, the app may be the only way to find a way out.

In times when people are more concerned about health care, hiking has grown a lot.

Thus, contacts with areas where there is greater contact with nature are more frequent.

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Especially in cities where there are no places to walk, in these cities the contact with the dense forest ends up being greater.

Some people who enjoy hiking end up opening trails in the woods for easy access.

But knowing where you are is not always easy when we are in a dense forest. Avoid problems, install the compass app.

Bússola Compass Pro

At first, this is a very useful, free app and uses the magnetometer as a method of direction.

For best results, use the online compass, this will give you more accurate results.

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As you move in any direction, the compass will automatically update, bringing the necessary information.

Provide your location and exact geographic coordinates of the location.

The compass app is very interesting, with a clean and very intuitive interface.

Install the application Bússola Compass Pro on your device and you will always know where you are and where you are going during your walks.

This is an app that uses the position of the stars and the moon to calibrate the direction of the app.

With over 500,000 users and a 4.0 rating, the app is worth testing on your device.

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The application has more than 1 million users, with a rating of 4.8, the app offers what it offers.

You will have live guidance in the app, so the north position will always be available on the compass.

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In this way, the compass app will still allow you to alternate between two poles, the geographical one and the magnetic one.

This is an app that will use GPS or WiFi to provide your location more accurately.

In addition to providing directions, the app Compass provides location coordinates, such as longitude and latitude.

With this data in hand, in case of loss, it will be much easier to be found, or to know the exact direction.

The application has a clean and easy to understand interface, so everyone will be able to understand the information.

3D steel compass

Here we find a sailor-style compass and you can use it without any ads appearing at all times.

Unlike other apps that use ads as a way to keep the app.

The app 3D steel compass is an app that works thanks to donations. This way, the ads will not be present in the app.

Initially, the app uses the positioning of the Sun and the Moon as a reference. Be able to use the magnetic system to point north.

Also, the app interface is very clean and only has 7MB, meaning it won't take up almost any space on your device.

In this way, join the more than 1 million users, of which almost 50 thousand have given a rating of 4.8 to the compass app.

Compass app

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Compass app

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