Applications for aging in photos

Applications for aging in photos
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The applications for aging in photos apply filters to photos that age your face.

So to have some fun with friends why not see what we will be like when we get older using these apps.

And if you are curious to see what you will look like when you get old, you can also use apps to get old in this case.

These applications use filters that apply old age wrinkles, white hair and glasses to our photos.

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Below we will show you 4 applications for aging in photos, which you can download to your mobile.


FaceApp has more than 100 million downloads, amusing many users.

This is an application that offers different filters to edit our photos. One of these filters is precisely that of aging.

Then to use FaceApp, you just have to download it and once you open it you can upload your photo or take one at the moment.

Then, choose the Age filter which consists of two options: Senior or Trendy Vintage.

This way you will get the photo of your old face.

Plus if you want to perfect the final result, you can buy the pro version of FaceApp.

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So you can add details to your photo: put on eyeglasses, or put on make-up or change your hairstyle.

Then play with your friends and your age.

This photo aging app is available for Android And Apple.


AgingBooth is a free application to use with friends and family.

Then download your aging app and choose one of your photos or friends or take one right now.

In this case the application only uses the filter to age.

Once you have a photo of your aged face, you can share it by email or on Facebook or Twitter.

This application works offline, so you don't need internet to have fun at your age.

AgingBooth is available for mobile Android And Apple.

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Oldify is an application to be used only with iPhone and iPad.

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With Oldify you can age your face as many years as you want. In fact, in this application you have different age filters available.

Then insert your photo and choose how old you want to add, for example 20, 40, 60, 80 or 99 years old.

This way you will see your face age over the years.

In addition there are also filters to become bald or fat. But you can also enter other details, such as glasses, mustache and beard.

With Oldify you will see the effect of the passage of time on your face.

This aging app is available for Apple.

Get old

Instead Get Old is an application dedicated to those who own Android phones.

This application also has millions of downloads.

As with other applications, you only have to choose the photo on which to apply the aging filter.

Then by touching the screen, you will have to indicate the position of the eyes and mouth to improve the accuracy of the aging filter.

You can also wear a mustache, beard, unibrow and even eyeglasses.

Finally, share the photo with friends and family, on Facebook or Whatsapp.

Get old is available for mobile Android.

Applications for aging in photos

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