Applications to measure

Applications to measure
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The applications to measure they are used to measure the size of nearby or distant objects, using the mobile phone.

So you no longer have to carry your centimeter or other measuring instruments with you, but thanks to these applications you just need to have your mobile phone with you.

Then you can measure the height of people, furniture or walls of the house, or even of buildings or monuments.

These applications are able to measure objects at a distance and keep these measurements saved in the memory of the mobile phone.

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Below we introduce you to 4 applications to measure, to have on your mobile phone.


This application Ruler it is very discharged and is used for close-up objects.

In fact, with this application the screen of your mobile becomes a ruler.

Just download it and later you can calibrate it and start using it.

This application Ruler is available for Android And Apple.

As a unit of measurement, you can choose between centimeters or inches.

You can use the long or short side of the screen to measure the object of interest.

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Then bring the phone close to the object to be measured, measure in centimeters on the long side save and measure on the short side. The measurements will remain saved on the screen.


This application too Rangefinder has a high number of downloads. In this case, however, it is more suitable for measuring objects at a distance via the camera.

So every time you use the application you will initially have to calibrate it. And to do this the application gives indications on the screen.

To measure at a distance, you will first need to measure the distance of the object to the ground, i.e. from the point where it rests on the ground. And then measure the height.

You can also use photos from your gallery and measure objects in these photos.

This application to measure Rangefinder is available for Android.

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CamToPlan - 3d Metro

This application to measure is a 3d meter, as the name implies.

In fact it is used to measure areas and heights of rooms, in such a way as to have a 3d dimension of the place.

So it is very useful in the real estate sector, for example in interior decoration.

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Just frame what you want to measure and simply click with your finger where it starts and click again where the dimension ends.

Remember that you will always have to measure the lengths starting from the ground and then the heights.

So you can measure simple but also complex spaces or objects.

CamToPlan is available for Android And Apple.

After measuring in all dimensions you can save and create a technical drawing of the space.

In fact, a PNG file will be created with all your measurements.

This can be very useful for example for sending it to your tiler or house painter.

The units of measurement used are meters and centimeters, or feet or inches.


EasyMeasure it is great for measuring very large objects, such as houses or monuments.

Again, the calibration is done using the height of the mobile phone from the ground.

And after that you can use EasyMeasure to measure distances, heights and widths of monuments.

At the end you can save the measurements by taking a picture of the screen and then send them by email to whoever you want.

This application to measure EasyMeasure is available for mobile Android And Apple.

Applications to measure

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