Karaoke applications

Karaoke applications
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The karaoke applications offer different songs and sound effects for you to sing karaoke with friends and record your own voice.

If you like to sing and love going to karaoke clubs to have fun with friends then you will surely like these apps.

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These applications allow you to sing along with the words of the text on the screen and also apply sound effects to your voice.

As well as connecting with friends and all singing together.

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And also save the song sung by you.

Here then is 3 karaoke applications that you can try to choose the one you like best.

Karaoke of Italian Songs

The application of Karaoke of Italian Songs it is very popular, in fact it has more than 50 million downloads.

Then download this application yourself and access more than a million songs of any genre and language.

You can choose lyrics of popular music, rock, classic, hip hop, Latin or the latest hits.

And then while you sing you can choose to record the music sung by you and then you can share it on Facebook.

You can also apply sound effects and have fun with your voice, for example by inserting an echo effect during the chorus.

Plus you can connect with other people and see what they sing. Then challenge your friends with musical performances.

In fact, once connected to other people you can also rate their performances.

This application is available for Android And Apple.

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Smule: sing karaoke

Even more popular with users is Smule, a free karaoke application.

Then download Smule and you will find more than 50 million pieces of music to choose from.

And you can also choose to sing alone, a cappella or as a duet or in a group with friends.

But not only will you be able to sing with other friends, but also with celebrities from the world of music. Such as Ed Sheeran and Jason Derulo.

And for the little ones, there are also cartoon characters, such as the little mermaid or Frozen, or many others.

When you sing, Smule has a preset effect called Autotune which automatically enhances your voice.

Smule is available for Android And Apple.

But once you have recorded your song you can edit it with other audio effects, but also visual if you have made a video.

Thanks to this, Smule is an excellent application to learn how to sing or improve your performance.

And again, you have the opportunity to perform live with the Sing Live option. So you can show everyone your singing skills.

StarMaker Lite: Sing karaoke

StarMaker Lite is a karaoke application that unites people with a passion for music.

In fact, while you sing and record you can exchange messages with other StarMaker users and make new friends.

Here, too, you can sing in a duet with other users or with celebrities from the world of music.

Once you have recorded your music, you will have various effects available to modify it however you like.

And finally you can share the music sung and edited by you on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

StarMaker Lite is available for Android And Apple.

Karaoke applications

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