Birds that can stay in cages

birds that can stay in cages
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If you are an animal lover and want one to keep you company, today we will tell you about birds that can stay in cages.

For those who are unable to have a dog as a pet, it is worth considering the idea of a bird.

In fact, these animals are simpler to take care of but are still company.

They are lively, interact in their own way with their owner and some love to sing.

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Remember that for each species you will have to choose a custom cage and their daily habits.

And above all, don't underestimate the cleaning of the cage, which must be done daily.

But let's get to the point and talk about the birds that can stay in cages.


The parakeet, also called undulate parakeet or Australian parakeet, are budgerigars with different shades of color.

These birds are now very common house pets. In fact they are intelligent and very sociable.

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All you need to do is give him time to play, for example by teaching him words to repeat. You will see how docile and nice they are!

Furthermore, if you decide to take these birds, you will have to take a couple, because otherwise they could die of loneliness.

And again, for the parakeet it is better to choose a long cage rather than a high one, because then they have enough room to fly.


The famous Yellow Canaries I am a classic among birds that can stay in cages.

These are small birds that need a long cage with several supports to fly and jump from one branch to another.

Their main feature is their singing which will brighten your days.

If you buy more than one you can see even more of their singing skills when they challenge each other to songs.

Again, it is necessary to keep the cage very clean to prevent the little ones from getting sick.

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Also there Cockatiel it is a now very famous type of bird, of Australian origin.

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It is characterized by a crest and colored plumage which can vary from bird to bird.

The Cockatiel they are very affectionate birds that need constant attention from their owner.

Being wild animals it is better to buy them when they are small so that they get used to life in a cage better.

But consider that even if they learn to stay in a cage, they will still need to interact with you.

In fact, they love to stand on our shoulders and interact with us. They don't speak but to play you can whistle simple melodies and make them repeat them.

Parrotlet Budgies

Finally the last ones birds that can stay in cages are the Parrotlet Budgiesoriginating in the Pacific.

They are smaller in size than the Cocorita ei Cockatiel. And you can meet them above all with a more turquoise blue plumage.

These cute budgies have a docile and playful nature. They don't need much attention.

Furthermore, it is preferable to buy more than one to keep them in the company of their own kind.

They sing too, but make low sounds.

So if you have the problem of disturbing your neighbors with birdsong, then i Parrotlet Budgies they are a great choice.

Birds that can stay in cages

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