How to take care of an aquarium

How to take care of an aquarium
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Today we will give you some tips on how to take care of an aquarium, which species to buy and what equipment will be needed.

In fact, having an aquarium means creating a small aquatic world in which different species of fish and plants must be able to live together peacefully.

That is to recreate their natural habitat and maintain its biological balance.

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So there are different factors that need to be considered and different equipment that needs to be bought for aquarium maintenance.

Here is a list of indications on how to take care of an aquarium.

Species of fish and plants

To know how to take care of an aquarium, you will first have to carry out an in-depth study on which species of fish to put there.

In fact, not all fish species are easy to coexist.

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There are some very delicate species and there are fighting fish that could be dangerous if put with the wrong species.

But there is a species group which are recommended because they are easier to care for.

In general you will have to consider the number of fish you will want to buy, which will be followed by the choice of the size of the aquarium.

But above all consider that the fish live in schools and therefore you will have to have at least 5 of the same species, so that they do not suffer from loneliness.

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Finally, it is also good to inquire at what size the fish can reach so that it does not suffer from lack of space.

Once you have chosen the fish species, you can accordingly choose the most suitable aquatic plants to recreate the natural habitat of the fish.

Always considering that plants will also need special care.

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Aquarium equipment

For the maintenance of the natural habitat of fish and therefore know how to take care of an aquarium, you will need to know the equipment you need.

Let's see what equipment you will need to buy and what functions they have:

  • Lighting: almost all living beings have the rhythm of life marked with the passage of time, or the alternation of day and night.

For this it is necessary that our aquarium have a lighting system that works 12 hours of day, and that it is turned off another 12.

Or if the aquarium is near a window, then there will be no need to purchase aquarium lamps.

  • Filters: the filters have the function of filtering the water and cleaning it from substances that could harm the health of the fish.

This does not take away from the fact that weekly the walls of the aquarium must be washed and the filters cleaned.

  • Heater: the water temperature is one of the factors to be kept under control and which must be adjusted according to the species of fish.

Also check that there is not a large variation in temperature between the surface and the bottom of the aquarium.

  • Aerator: this tool increases the amount of oxygen present in the water and creates turbulence that helps the elimination of carbon dioxide.

Thus allowing fish and plants to breathe.

  • Water test: fundamental for checking the well-being of the aquarium are the strips to test the water quality.

Especially the pH, nitrites and nitrates must be checked.