The best dog breeds for children

the best dog breeds for children
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Do you have children and want to get a dog? Here we will show you what they are the best dog breeds for children.

If your children are insisting they want a dog and you don't know how to choose a dog that is suitable for living with children.

Or if a newborn is on the way and you want to take a dog to keep you company and your newborn baby company.

So we have created a list of dogs that can meet your needs.

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Also remembering that each dog has a different character and that it depends on the situations and education you give him.

So read this list carefully and choose the best choice for you, the dog and the little ones in the family.

Here is below the best dog breeds for children.

Cavalier King

The Cavalier King is Lilly's dog and the tramp.

This is an elegant and not aggressive dog.

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I love cuddles, in fact he is very affectionate.

But when she is in our company she likes to play a lot, without being impetuous.

He is a great dog for children, as he alternates cuddling with play with ease.

Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle, or more commonly the poodle, is a small dog that is very affectionate.

It is great for those with babies. In fact, she loves being outdoors and taking long walks with you and the stroller.

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He is also sociable and lively, and for this reason he loves the company of children with whom he creates a deep and protective bond.

And again, his soft coat attracts the caresses of children, who must however learn to respect him and not hurt him by exaggerating with affection.

But it is also necessary to know, that the Poodle is a dog wary of strangers and other dogs and therefore usually reacts to the encounter by barking.

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In any case, like all dogs, he too must be educated to know how to live with all the members of the family.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a large breed dog, but perfect for being with children.

This breed is one of the best dog breeds for children, thanks to its sociability and intelligence. In fact, he is a very loyal, intelligent, lively and cuddly dog.

He loves the company of man, thanks to his intelligence he loves to learn and has an attitude of curiosity with strangers and other dogs.

Although large in size, he is able to understand that he cannot jump on the little ones and learns it quickly.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a of the best dog breeds for children.

In fact, this dog has the love of his family as his only priority. He is a playful, sweet and even funny dog.

Thanks to his clumsiness he is adored by all children.

It is also a small dog, therefore suitable for small children.

And again, his love for family can make him hyperactive, so he needs to be given the right attention.

Be that as it may, dog and child must be educated to interact with respect for both.