How to recover an almost lifeless plant

How to recover an almost lifeless plant
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Here are some practical tips on how to recover an almost lifeless plant and how to save it.

Very often we go on a trip and have no one who can regularly wet our plants.

And even if we filled them with water before leaving, when we return we find them all dry and folded, almost lifeless.

Or we have wet them too much and they seem to be rotting.

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But sometimes appearances can be deceiving and the plant that looks dead is actually alive and we can still save it.

Here are some indications on how to recover an almost lifeless plant.

1 Check the roots

If the plant looks dry, remove it from the pot and check the roots.

If these are still green it means that the plant is alive and therefore you can eliminate the dry parts and proceed by giving them water.

If the roots have taken too much water and are rotting, it will be necessary to change the soil and put a new and dry one.

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2 Immerse the plant in the water

In case our plant is totally dry, both with leaves and with dry earth.

It is recommended to remove the plant from the sun and immerse it completely in a basin full of water.

If the earth is very dry, take something sharp and drill holes in the earth carefully not to damage the roots of the plant.

To keep it below the surface of the water, it is sometimes necessary to use a stone. Keep it in the water until bubbles stop coming out of the earth.

This is a sign that the water has managed to reach even the driest parts.

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In worst cases, the plant is said to have to stay half an hour immersed in water.

Once removed from the water it must be placed in a place so that all excess water flows away.

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3 Aspirin on the leaves

Another method reported to recover an almost lifeless plant, which features dry leaves, is about using aspirin.

In fact if dissolve an aspirin in water and then sprinkle this water on the leaves, this will help the plant rehydrate more quickly.

4 Avoid thermal shock

Another useful tip to recover an almost lifeless plant it concerns the temperature of the water with which to wet it.

If the plant has been in the sun for a long time and it is with warm earth, it is good to remember to wet it using warm water.

In such a way that there is no thermal shock, which can damage the roots.

5 Clean the leaves

Cleaning the leaves from dust can also help the plant recover faster.

Then pass a wet cloth with rainwater, or preferably without limestone, on the dusty leaves so that they return to transpire.

6 Use clean garden shears

Another precaution to use especially when we are trying to save our plants is to always use a clean scissors.

To prevent it from taking diseases of other plants, when we do the pruning of the dry parts we use a clean scissors.

7 Away from the sun

Finally keep it away from direct sun until it has fully recovered.

How to recover an almost lifeless plant

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How to recover an almost lifeless plant

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