Pregnancy test apps - the 4 best

Pregnancy test applications
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If you think you may be pregnant or are trying to get pregnant, there are currently several pregnancy test applications.

These apps read your pregnancy test result, track your menstrual cycle, and help you conceive. In addition, some follow you during pregnancy.

The top 4 will be shown below pregnancy test applications.

1- EasyRead by First Response

In this case, you will need a mobile phone and the First Response Pro test to find out if you are pregnant.

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In fact, this application is created to help people during the test and give indications on how to continue after receiving the result.

First you have to connect the pregnancy test with your mobile via bluetooth.

Then, while you wait for the test result, you can choose to watch a relaxing video (with the “calm me” option) or learn about the pregnancy (“educate me” option).

After 3 minutes, the result will appear on the application screen.

In addition, EasyRead by First Response calculates the days of delay and follows you throughout the pregnancy.

In fact, this pregnancy test application provides information on prenatal nutrition and on the different stages of pregnancy. Along with expert advice.

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EasyRead by First Response application is available for Apple.

2- Calculation of Pregnancy Ovy 

This pregnancy test applications first of all it works like a menstrual calendar: it shows ovulation days, fertile days and when the next period is due.

But what's more, if you choose the "motherhood wish" mode and if you buy an Ovy basal thermometer, with this application you will be able to understand if you are pregnant.

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The Ovy basal thermometer is connected via bluetooth to your application.

This way, when you take your temperature in the morning, you don't even need to open the app to record it.
Not only that, this application tracks your temperature with graphs.

You can also enter other symptoms, such as your mood or how your mucus is, or if you have colic or headaches. Anything that can help you understand if you're pregnant.

Finally, you can share your period with your partner.

This application is available for Android and Apple.

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3- Femometer – track fertility

Depending on what your intention is, with this application you will be able to:

  • Control the menstrual cycle;
  • Find out if you're pregnant with a conception guide;
  • Be followed up during pregnancy.

In this application you can enter your symptoms, your basal temperature and your LH and CM tests. Then, the application creates fertility or pregnancy charts.

Furthermore Femometer gives indications to be able to stay. Not only that, it also offers various courses with videos, for example on conception, proper nutrition, etc.

Plus, you can download your data in PDF format and take it to the doctor at your next appointment.

Thispregnancy test applications It is available for Android and Apple mobile phones.

4- Pregnancy test - Symptoms

This application is a pregnancy test which consists of a questionnaire with 15 questions about your symptoms to understand if you are pregnant.

After answering, the application will advise you to go to the doctor for tests.

Available for Apple mobile phones.

EasyRead by First Response Apple.

Ovy Pregnancy Calculation Android And Apple.

Femometer - track fertility Android And Apple.

Pregnancy Test - Symptoms Apple.

Pregnancy test apps - the 4 best

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