6 free wifi applications

free wifi applications
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The free wifi applications they help us find public wifi to connect.

In fact, very often it happens that we go out and forget that we have run out of data to use the internet with our SIM.

Or our internet subscription offers us a few giga a month and we prefer to use wifi as much as possible to save money.

Or again, you are thinking of visiting a country abroad where your SIM would not work and you don't know how to do it.

Well, today there are many applications that help you connect to the free wifi closest to you.

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These free wifi applications show the map with places with wifi nearby and help you connect.

So below we will show 6 free wifi applications.

1- Wifimap

This application is certainly the most famous. In fact it works all over the world.

It is simple and intuitive.

Just open the application and a map will appear with all the wifi points near you.

Then, once you have chosen the place to connect, it will show you the password to enter in order to start surfing for free.

So you can save your internet gigs.

This free wifi applications It is available for Android and Apple.

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2- Osmino

This free wifi app also has many wifi hotspots around the world.

In this case, you don't even have to enter the password. Just select your chosen network and the app will connect automatically.

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In addition, every time you use a wifi you can leave your review and share your experience with other people.

This application is available for Android and Apple.

3- Facebook

Even the famous Facebook has an option to search for public wifi networks in your map.

So how do you do it? Enter the application and open the pop-up menu at the bottom right. Scroll down and go to Settings and Privacy.

Then choose Find wifi and a list of places with free connection will open that you can select to see the address.

Facebook is available for Android and Apple.

4- Instabridge

This free wifi application is very useful when you are traveling. Indeed Instabrigde has a great advantage: the map also works offline.

So you can also use this application to move around the city you are visiting for the first time and without getting lost.

Not only that, as soon as you get close to a point with free wifi, the application will connect automatically.

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What's more, with this application you can view information such as network speeds and data usage.

This can be very useful if you need to download something to your mobile, for example.

Instabridge is available for Android and Apple.

5- Wefi

You can also use this application in different countries around the world. Once downloaded, it will allow you to automatically connect to the nearest wifi network.

This is only available for Android.

6- Wifi Finder

With this application you can choose where you want to use the wifi.

For example, if you are looking for a bar where you can have breakfast and use the wifi, you can choose the bar option and the application will only show you the bars with free connection.

In addition, you can also download maps.

Wifi Finder free wifi applications is available for Apple.

6 free wifi applications.

Wifimap Android And Apple

Osmino Android And Apple

Facebook Android And Apple

Instagrambridge Android And Apple

Wefi Android

Wifi Finder Apple.