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applications to measure glucose
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If you are diabetic and are looking for an application to help you control your blood sugar, the top 3 will be presented on this site applications to measure glucose.

Indeed those who suffer from diabetes you need to maintain an adequate lifestyle and frequently check your blood glucose level (called blood sugar).

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Fortunately, today there are several applications to measure blood sugar.

These applications allow you to log your glucose level, create weekly graphs and share information with your doctor.

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So here are the 3 best applications to measure glucose.

1- iHealth Gluco-Smart

This application works in conjunction with a glucometer (an instrument that measures the concentration of glucose in the blood) via a wireless link.

This greatly facilitates the life of a diabetic person, who will no longer have to write down manually.

By reading the QR code on the glucometer, the application records the number and expiration of the test strips.

That is, the strips used to deposit the drop of blood to measure blood sugar.

In such a way as to notify you when the strips are running out. It also helps you measure your blood sugar by showing you the step by step.

In addition, in IHealth you can enter your eating habits as well as the physical activity performed and the dose of insulin administered.

Finally, you can share all your data with your doctor and family.

This app is available for mobile Android And Apple.

2- FreeStyle LibreLink

With this app you can measure glucose by simply swiping your mobile phone over your FreeStyle Libre arm sensor.
And this is a big plus, as it eliminates the need to use the annoying lancing device.

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In particular, it allows you to view the historical graphs of your blood sugar and warns you if the value is too low or too high through alarms.

Not only that, you can synchronize your application on multiple mobile phones in order to share data with your family and your doctor.

Due to this feature, this application for measuring glucose is particularly useful for children and the elderly with diabetes.

That is people who need a person to help them take care of their health.

FreeStyle LibreLink is available for Android And Apple.

3- mySugr - Diabetes Diary

This application is like a diabetes diary that helps you control your diabetes in an easy and fun way.

Therefore, to measure your glucose you will need to have the Accu-Chek blood glucose meter which will then automatically send the data to your mobile phone.

In addition to entering the measured glucose values, you can enter photos of what you ate or the amount of carbohydrates. And also record the medications you are taking.

In addition, thisapplications to measure glucose calculate the insulin dose you need.

And also, create detailed charts which can be sent to your doctor in pdf format, should you decide to upgrade to the Pro version.

Most importantly, this application makes the life of those with diabetes more fun.

In addition to helping you in the management of the disease, it offers the opportunity to participate in personal challenges to achieve goals.

mySugr applications to measure glucose is available for mobile Android And Apple.