Blood Pressure Applications - Top 3

Applications for measuring blood pressure
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If you are looking for an application to help you keep your blood pressure under control, here I will show you the top 3 applications to measure blood pressure.

In fact, hypertension is characterized by high blood pressure, which can cause very serious damage if not properly treated.

Thus, those with high blood pressure must continuously monitor their blood pressure and remember to take their medication.

For this reason, applications for measure blood pressure.

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These apps help you keep your blood pressure under control, all via your mobile.

The apps store your blood pressure and remind you when it's time to measure and take medicine.

Plus, they create blood pressure graphs to share with your doctor or family.

But remember: for measure your blood pressure you must use the appropriate medical device; only your doctor will be able to make the diagnosis and decide which therapy to follow.

So here are the best applications to measure blood pressure.

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1- Blood pressure

The Blood Pressure application, as well as its name, is easy and intuitive to use.

After measuring the pressure, you can enter the value manually in the application and also add notes on activities that may have affected your health.

For example, if you have been exercising or drinking a lot of coffee.

Therefore, the application creates graphs, which show the pressure trend, which are easy to understand.

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In addition, you can download your data in PDF format and share them with your doctor.

This application is available for Android and Apple.

Not only that, you can create reminders to help you remember to take your blood pressure and take your medications.

2- SmartBP - Blood pressure

The application for measure your blood pressure SmartBP has several interesting features:

  • In addition to pressure, you can also record your heart rate and weight;
  • The application automatically calculates your BMI;
  • Not only does it export the graphs in PDF format, but in this application you can also import your electrocardiogram;
  • It is able to recognize if you are pre-hypertensive or hypertensive and at what stage.

SmartBP It is available for Android and Apple mobile phones.

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Moreover, if you own a smartwatch you can synchronize it with your application.

3- Qardio heart health

The most technological among the applications listed for measure blood pressure.

This application is the most complete heart health and physical health checker application.

In fact, Qardio not only records pressure data but also other parameters such as temperature and oxygen saturation.

To use it, you must have Qardio measuring devices. That is for measure blood pressure you will need to have the QardioArm device with you.

Not only that, Qardio is the only application that has been clinically tested and has already won awards.

In fact, the synchronization via bluetooth of application and measurement device guarantees great accuracy of the measurement data and ease of use.

Qardio is available for both Android and Apple.

The best applications to measure blood pressure:
Blood pressure Android And Apple

SmartBP Android And Apple.

Qardio Android And Apple.