Applications to identify plants

Applications to identify plants
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These applications to identify plants they recognize the species of the plant and give some useful information to take care of it.

So if you are a plant lover and you like to identify the ones you meet during your walks, there are now applications for this.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Or you want to decorate the house with plants and flowers and you want to know the name of the plant you want to buy in order to look for how to take care of it.

For this there are applications to recognize plants.

Publicidade - OTZAds

You will only have to take a photo of the plant you encountered and the application will tell you the scientific name.

And in some cases even the methods you need to use to make it grow.

Here are the three applications to identify plants.


This application has more than 10 million downloads. It is highly appreciated due to its features.

In fact it was studied and made by a group of French scientists.

Just take a photo of the plant you want to know the name of.

And then choose whether to identify it by the shape of the leaf, the fruit, the flower, the bark or the whole plant.

Then the application will give you a number of plant options which could be the one in your photo.

In fact, you will have to notice the details of color, shape and branch to verify which plant it is.

Also in the top bar it says which flora collection you are using, for example world flora, and you can change it.

Finally, you can also save your photo in the plant collection and enter the location of where it was found.

To make it easier to recognize, choose a background with no further details besides the plant.

PlantNet is available for Android And Apple.

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This application to identify plants is especially dedicated to those who are planning a walk to discover nature.

Also Seek was created by a group of scientists.

In this case the process is the other way around. Instead of entering the photo, you will have to enter your location to know which plants you will encounter.

So you will be shown which plants you can meet during your walk.

For this reason it is great for family outings, so the game will recognize the plants that the application shows you.

In addition, Seek proposes missions and objectives to be achieved.

And yet it also identifies insects and amphibians.

Seek is available for Android And Apple.

Picture This

Picture This she is very famous. In fact, it not only identifies the plants but also their state of health and how to take care of them.

Picture This is a great diary of your plants.

Then take pictures of your plants and save them in your private collection. Plus you can take notes on the plant.

And if your plant is sick and you don't know how to get it back, just take the photo and the application will tell you how to proceed.

Whether to put a specific fertilizer or just water it more frequently.

It's clear Picture This recognizes the plants, tells you the name of the species and some characteristics.

This application is available for Android And Apple.