Bus simulators

Bus simulators
Publicidade - OTZAds

THE bus simulators are applications to try to drive buses and transport passengers with these means of public transport.

So if you are looking for a game to download on your mobile to drive buses and take care of public transport, i bus simulators they do exactly that.

Publicidade - OTZAds

The buses are big and long and so the challenge of driving them is exactly being able to turn and pass narrow streets without breaking anything.

In some of these applications you will not only have to worry about driving but also transporting passengers to finish the missions.

Publicidade - OTZAds

Then experience what it means to work for the public transport sector, both urban and intercity, with these applications.

Here are the best games of bus simulators.

Ultimate Bus Simulator

Ultimate Bus Simulator is an application that has been downloaded by more than 100 million people.

In fact, this application is very popular thanks to its very realistic graphics and sound effects.

In addition to being very intuitive.

Ultimate Bus Simulator it will give you the feeling of driving a bus for intercity trips from one city to another. In states like Italy, Brazil, the United States, France and many others.

Plus you'll get feedback from your passengers to make this game even more real.

With this bus simulator you will have to pay attention to the traffic, to the rest areas where you stop and to let the passengers get off.

And also to tolls and climate changes.

Ultimate Bus Simulator is available for Apple And Android.

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Bus Driving Simulator

Also Bus Driving Simulator is a heavily downloaded application.

Unlike the previous one, with this application you try to drive buses in an urban context.

Where you will have missions to finish to collect stars and improve your skills and move on to the next level.

In this application you can choose between different types of buses: city bus, school bus, party bus and police bus.

You will even realize that you have to transport dangerous criminals from one prison to another.

Also Bus Driving Simulator it has graphics and driving mechanics that make it all very real.

When you drive on the street, you will have to be careful of distractions, of people crossing.

As well as you will need to be able to park your huge vehicle without breaking it.

Bus Driving Simulator is available for Apple And Android.

Public Transport Simulator

In the end, Public Transport Simulator, a bus simulator created with the intention of making you feel the responsibilities of a real bus conductor.

In fact, there are several means of public transport that you can choose from: taxi, van or bus.

You can start with a taxi and finish the missions until you get to use a bus.

In fact, every time you finish a transport service you will get points to go to the next stage.

But beware that if you crash and your passengers get injured you will lose points.

You will be able to see inside and outside the vehicle, as well as watch the replay of the accident.

This application is available for Apple And Android.

Bus simulators

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Bus simulators

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