Truck simulators

Truck simulators
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If you want to experience the thrill of driving a truck, today there are several truck simulators that make you feel like you're driving a truck.

So if trucks are your passion but you don't have the opportunity to actually drive one, you can still have fun with a simulator.

The simulators make you feel the sensation of driving these large vehicles through the screen of a mobile phone wherever you are.

Then read below to find out which ones truck simulators you can download.

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Truck Simulator: Ultimate

With Truck Simulator is one of the most downloaded truck simulator applications.

In fact, with this application you can pretend to have a real logistics company.

So in your company you will have several trucks and you can transport different goods. And also hire employees.

The latest version of this application is multiplayer, meaning it allows you to play online with other people.

Truck simulator it allows you to travel around the world, and also to establish offices of your company in different countries.

As well as buying new parts for your truck and having fun customizing it however you want.

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In short, with this application you will experience not only the sensation of driving a truck.

But also to be part of a transport company that travels around the world.

This application is available for Android And Apple.

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Euro Truck Driver

Euro truck driver is another truck simulator application.

This application is characterized by excellent graphics. You will have intuitive and realistic controls to pretend to drive a truck.

With Euro Truck Driver you can drive your truck using manual gearbox.

Even the sound effects, such as braking or the noise of the engines, will help you to live an experience that is ever closer to reality.

Furthermore Euro Truck Driver allows you to drive your truck in different types of landscapes: from highways to dirt roads.

But you can also travel in the mountains, in the desert, in the snow or in an urban center.

In addition, you will be able to play with other players and participate in challenges, which will raise your level.

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So you can change your vehicle or renew it with new pieces.

Finally, if you are interested in brands, with this application you have 7 European truck brands available.

This application is available for mobile Apple And Android.

Truck Simulator Offroad

Truck Simulator Offroad is an application of truck simulators, but this time to drive a truck on an off-road route.

Another of the most downloaded applications.

So if you like to take the risk, you will definitely like this application.

Not only will you have to drive these huge vehicles, but you will have to do it on dirt roads with the risk of getting stuck in the mud.

Or of falling into a river. And then you will have to use the ropes to drag him out of the mud and help him continue the path.

Then download this application and start playing.

You will be able to choose between different types of trucks, between different landscapes and seasons, and also different types of cargo to transport.

As well as choosing whether to play in a night or day landscape.

Truck Simulator Offroad is available for Android And Apple.

Truck simulators

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