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application for aging
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The applications for aging they use camera filters to be able to see what your face will look like as you get older.

So if you like time travel and are curious to know what you will be like when you get old, you can use these applications.

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Why not make fun of the passage of time and have some fun with friends by watching them grow old with your cell phone?

With these fun apps you can have a laugh and see yourself with wrinkles, white hair and glasses, with a simple click.

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Here are 4 applications for aging.


FaceApp is the most downloaded application.

In fact it is an application for editing photos, which has various features. The main one is exactly the aging filter.

So after downloading FaceApp, you just need to open it and simply upload your photo or take one at the moment.

After that, you can choose the Age filter and then choose between Elderly or Trendy Vintage.

These two filters will show you what your face will look like when you get old.

There are also other filters available, some that can only be used if you buy the Pro version. Among these is the possibility to put your eyeglasses in the photo, or put on your make-up or change your hairstyle.

Here, this is an application to play a little with your age and have fun with friends.

This application is available for Android And Apple.


AgingBooth it's a'application for aging at no cost, which you can use with friends and family.

To use it, simply choose or take the photo of yourself or your friend.

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Then the application will automatically apply the filter to age.

Finally you can share the result via email or Facebook or Twitter.

Also this application works offline, so you don't need internet to have fun at your age.

AgingBooth is available for mobile Android And Apple.


This application only works with iPhones and iPads.

With Oldify you will be able to see the effects of aging on your face, but this time by selecting how old you want to be aged.

In fact, once you have inserted the photo, you can choose whether to add 20, 40, 60, 80 or 99 years to your current age.

So you can have fun seeing what your aging process will look like over the years.

And there is also the filter option to go bald or fat. And not only can you also insert glasses, mustache and beard.

So you have several filters available with the effect of the passage of time on your face.

This aging app is available for Apple.

Get old

Thisapplication for aging in the photos it works only with Android phones.

Like the others, you will initially have to choose the photo on which to apply the aging filter.

Then you will have to indicate the position of the eyes and mouth in such a way that the effect is as close to reality as possible.

In addition, you can insert glasses, mustache, beard and even the unibrow.

So you can share your photo with your friends and family to make a joke on them, on Facebook or Whatsapp.

Get old is available for Android.