App to see the city via satellite

App to see the city via satellite
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These days it is practically mandatory to have a 'app to see the city via satellite on your own smartphone.

Without the need to consult physical maps, they came to make the traveler's day easier.

With a few clicks, informing the destination, the app to view the satellite city offers you numerous paths, being able to choose which one you want to follow.

However, there are several app to see the city via satellite offers to the user, sometimes leaving doubt in the minds of many.

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Based on this need, we have decided to list the most visited and most qualified ones, so that the user can make the best use of them.

So stay tuned in the next paragraphs, where we will indicate some of the many applications to see the city via satellite on the market.

Google Maps

Already factory installed on most smartphones, Google Maps has become mandatory on travelers' smartphones.

With a few clicks the user is transported to the desired location, with numerous routes, having the free will to choose any one.

Indicated by the average time taken to reach the destination, the user has the advantage of choosing the fastest route.

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However, the user is still informed of any inconvenience on the chosen route, which could jeopardize the continuation of the journey.

In addition, the application to view the city via satellite Google Maps, alerts you to existing radars on highways, keeping the user alert at all times.

Anyway, the Google Maps application it is completely free and is available for Android And IOS.


Waze it is without a doubt the application more used in recent times, also equaling the accesses acquired by Google Maps.

With a modern and easily accessible structure, the application allows you to travel as safely as possible.

By offering you alternative routes, the user receives notifications when there is the possibility of delaying the trip.

This is due to a sort of social network, to which users have access, with the freedom to transmit information on the progress of this highway.

Night vision application


With this freedom, the application is monitored by radar, so that it can verify that the information entered is real. Give the application even more reliable.

The application is also accompanied by some plans on the mobile, where sometimes the data packages are not discounted on their use.

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Either way, theapplication it is completely free and can be used by users Android And IOS.

Google Earth

We conclude our indications with cutting-edge technology, this is the definition application Google Earth.

3D photos are taken from satellite, from where, wherever you are, you can visit extremely unusual places.

Thanks to this technology, he became the official companion of adventurers. Even before embarking on the adventure, search for photos, to find out what the place is like.

If that's not enough, the application allows you to walk the streets wherever you are, with a three-dimensional view through the mode Street View.

Finally, we can say that the application it's completely free, and it's available for Android And IOS.

In conclusion, we indicate the most used applications, where you can access them wherever you want in complete safety.

Google Maps Android And IOS.

Waze Android And IOS.

Google Earth Android And IOS.

Visit places you never imagined, making the most of your smartphone.