3 important sectors of Gardening

3 important sectors of Gardening
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If you like gardening, or want to enter this field as a profession, let's talk 3 about it important sectors of gardening.

Horticulture ornamental, food horticulture, landscaping and garden design, are points that we will address in this text.

Ornamental horticulture

Ornamental horticulture is commonly Plants ornamental.

That is, This industry focuses on cultivation some plants which are grown for their aesthetic beauty.

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This includes flowers, shrubs, ornamental trees and lawns.

Landscaped gardens, parks and public spaces often benefit from ornamental horticulture.

Horticultural feed:

Orti and Horti, In This The sector is linked to the cultivation of food on a small or large scale.

 That includes vegetables, fruit, aromatic herbs and other edible products.

Many people garden food a home, while urban farms and gardens are larger-scale examples.

For this sector of horticulture food, we can think urban gardens with the following foods:


If you want to start, herbs aromatic perhaps it's the simplest way.

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For example, basil, parsley, chives, rosemary,thyme and mint they are excellent choices for vegetable gardens urban.

 They are generally compact and can be grown in small pots or planters.

Green Leafy Vegetables

When we talk about vegetables Green Leaf, we can start with spinach, lettuce and rocket.

Additionally, other leafy greens are great options for urban gardens.

 They can be grown in containers or raised beds.

Cherry tomato

Variety of cherry tomatoes I am well suited for hanging pots or containers.

 They don't take up much space and provide tasty harvests.

Peppers and bell peppers

Peppers and bell peppers can be grown in larger pots or hanging containers.

They add color and flavor to your urban garden.

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Strawberries do well in urban gardens, especially in hanging containers or planters. They are compact and offer delicious fruit.

Carrots in deep pots:

Leafy greens: These can be grown in deep pots or elongated containers to allow for proper root development.

Chives and leeks

Chives and leeks are easy to grow in urban spaces. They can be planted in pots or raised beds.

Medical plants:

Medicinal herbs such as chamomile, lavender and calendula can be grown in urban gardens and have beneficial properties.

Beans and peas vertically

Growing vertical varieties of beans and peas is an effective way to utilize the growing style. vertical garden in the urban gardens.

 Here are some options for plants generally suitable for urban gardens.

Finally, it's worth remembering the amount of sunlight available in your space and choosing plants suited to these conditions.

Additionally, using proper containers, quality soil, and sufficient water supply are important factors in a plant's success.urban garden.

Landscaping and garden design – 3 important sectors of Gardening

Planning and design: OR landscape involves the design and construction of outdoor spaces, considering aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

Landscapers and garden designers they work on the arrangement of plants, hardscape elements (such as paths and structures).

In the selection of materials to create pleasant and functional environments.

How about starting today by taking care of or changing the garden in front of your house, 3 important sectors of Gardening.

Grow, care and plant!