The TV control app

The TV control app
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The TV control app makes your life easier, there is no danger of not knowing where the remote is and you can still control other things.

YES! OR TV control app it is not functional only for changing channels, volume or app access on Smart TV. 

In addition, you can also control other things, such as air conditioning, turning the power on and off.

And likewise check DVD or even Blu-ray players.

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Time to collect a lot of checks remote it's finished, the app TV control gives you the freedom to control everything from your mobile phone in just a few clicks.

TV remote control

TV-Remote is an app to control the TV compatible with more television models you will know.

The Remote Control app of the TV allows The control your TV using only your mobile phone, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, it also helps to control your home and entertainment usefully.

so thel control tv and has a variety of navigation models, including Remote Button mode and Touch Remote alike.

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You also have the option to stream your files to your TV, be it photos, videos, music, or even files.

Finally, the TV control app also offers support in several languages and a Wi-Fi Hotspot support integrated for the TV to activate the cell phone control.

Smartify – Remote control for LG TV

Or Smartify – Remote for LG TV is a free TV control app for LG Smart TV, It is super easy to use and offers a lot of features.

To access the functions, connection is required to the Wi-Fi network, you can control the TV from your mobile phone or tablet after a simple pairing procedure.

OR remote control app free It is universal and is also compatible with all Smart models LG TVs.

The models that participate in this technology are only those launched from 2012 onwards. with WebOS or Netcast.

The application has a large set of buttons that give access to all functions smart tv.

 Universal TV remote control

App control TV, It is considered as a Remote Control universal, ranked as one of the best when it comes to apps remote control TV.

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Installed by users in more than 100 countries, the success is due to the easy installation of the app on mobile and functionality on TV.

In this way, however Smart TVs, just connect your mobile phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

For infrared televisions, your phone must have built-in infrared (IR) to work like a regular remote control.

 The app also offers amazing features like voice search, sharing mobile multimedia content to your TV and easy navigation.

It is handy and easy to use, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls.

If your TV brand is not listed, you can contact support for inclusion.

It's a great replacement for dealing with typical remote control issues like not knowing where it is or running out of battery.

For everyday convenience and control in the palm of your hand, simply install one of the control apps free remote control mentioned above and start using it.

TV remote control Android

Smartify – Remote control for LG TV Android

 Universal TV remote control Android