Applications per centimeter

applications per centimeter
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The applications per centimeter allow you to use your mobile to measure near or distant objects using the camera.

Thanks to these applications, you just need to have your mobile phone with you to measure everything you need.

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For example if you have to buy furniture for the house or you have to measure walls and spaces in the house.

With the applications per centimeter you no longer have to carry around a ruler or tape measure, all you need is your mobile phone.

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In fact, you can measure objects remotely and save the measurements on your mobile.

Here then is 4 applications per centimeter.


This application is very simple to use, in fact it is as if the mobile screen becomes a ruler.

After downloading it you can calibrate it and start using it.

You can choose whether to measure in centimeters or inches.

And also choose whether to use the ruler on the long side or the short side of the phone.

Then bring the phone close to the object to be measured, measure the centimeters on the long side save and measure again.

The long and short side of the object can be measured at the same time.

This application Ruler is available for Android And Apple.


This application is best suited to measure objects from a distance via the camera.

Also Rangefinder it will need to be calibrated initially. Then follow the instructions that appear on the screen to calibrate it.

Then you can start using it. First measure the distance of the object by aiming at the point where it rests on the ground. And then measure the height.

You can also use photos that you already have on your mobile and measure objects in these photos.

Finally, you can save the measurements by taking a picture of the screen.

This application Rangefinder is available for mobile Android.

Remote control applications



This application per centimeter allows you to measure areas of rooms. In fact it is very useful for those who work in the real estate sector.

This application also works with the mobile phone camera. You will be able to measure lengths, heights and even areas.

Just frame what you want to measure and simply click with your finger. To measure lengths, remember that you will always have to start from the ground.

Then with several clicks you can create the design with the measurements of all sides of an object, be it simple or complex.

For example, you can measure the area of a room by clicking on the length of all the walls and framing the entire area around you with the phone.

After that the measurements will remain recorded on PNG file.

This application CamToPlan is available for mobile Android And Apple.

Very useful if you need to send these measurements to your tiler or house painter, for example.

This application also uses meters and centimeters, or feet or inches, as the unit of measurement.


With this application you will be able to measure very large objects, such as houses, using the camera and the height of the mobile phone from the ground.

In fact, the calibration is done through the height of the mobile phone.

Once calibrated, you can use theapplication to measure distances and therefore heights and widths of objects.

So you can save the measurements you made by taking a picture of the screen and send them to whoever you want via email.

This EasyMeasure application is available for mobile Android And Apple.