Applications to listen to the fetal heartbeat

applications to listen to the fetal heartbeat
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The applications to listen to the fetal heartbeat they help mothers during pregnancy to listen to their baby's heartbeat in the belly.

Pregnancy is a delicate moment in the life of a woman and also of the family. In particular, the first time parents listen to their child's heartbeat is an immense emotion.

This is why applications for the fetal heartbeat are born, which allow the mother to continue listening to her child's heartbeat even from home.

With these applications you can save your child's heartbeat every time it is recorded by a gynecologist during the check-up visit.

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Or you can record it yourself at home with a device called a fetal doppler.

Here are 3 applications to listen to the fetal heartbeat, which we recommend you download.

BabyHeartBeat Fetal Monitoring

To record and save the baby's heartbeat, this application must be used in conjunction with the fetal doppler Baby Heart Beat.

Once you open the application you will be presented with a tutorial explaining how the doppler device is to be used.

Then place the doppler on your tummy and listen to your baby's heartbeat.

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While listening, you can connect the device to your mobile phone via cable or bluetooth and record the heartbeat.

Plus, you can share the heartbeat with dad and other family members.

With this application you can accompany the growth of your child inside your belly.

In fact, in addition to the heartbeat, the application also shows the weight and length of the fetus and the general characteristics of that growth phase.

And they also keep count of the days until birth.

In short, it is a great help for moms and dads who can't wait to get to know their child.

This application to listen to the fetal beat is available for Android And Apple.

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Womb Beats

This application is to be carried with you whenever you do a check-up visit.

In fact with Womb Beats you will be able to record your baby's heartbeat when the gynecologist will let you hear it during the visit.

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Then the heartbeat will be recorded with the day of the visit and the week of pregnancy you are at.

This application gives the possibility to create videos with the baby's heartbeat and photos of the ultrasound.

And you can also synchronize your child's heartbeat with a music you like so that both you and him can listen to it when you are at home.

This application is available for Apple.

Fetalbeats 2.0

This Android application is one of the most downloaded.

This also works in conjunction with the doppler device of the same name.

Then following the instructions of theapplication you will hear the fetal beat directly from home.

Fetalbeats is a diary of your pregnancy, where you can record your baby's heart rate and also the number of kicks.

Plus you can share this information with your family and friends.

This application to listen to the fetal heartbeat offers a guide with instructions and information on the various stages of pregnancy useful for reassuring mom and dad.

This application is available for Android.